Fellowship Program

The nFrnds Young Entrepreneurs Fellowship is an integral element of both our business and impact model that allows us to develop our local presence and build a dedicated team of local agents while building the capacity of local youth.

Through this unique program nFrnds empowers graduates with important entrepreneurial skills such as marketing, sales and business development through practical training and hands-on experience in the field. Through this 3-month fellowship approach nFrnds aims to develop a new generation of business professionals, confident both in technology and entrepreneurship with expertise and practical experience in doing business in the African context.

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Innovation Workshops

nFrnds developed a unique strategy for entering new markets where we run 2-day innovation workshops for young entrepreneurs in a local tech hub. These workshops give our team an opportunity to meet and work with young, local talent, to understand the challenges they face and the opportunities they perceive in their own markets as well as for us to begin building relationships with local stakeholders ranging from mobile operators to government, tech hubs, universities, development agencies and local businesses. We invite these players to attend the final demo event where they see for themselves how these young entrepreneurs were able to build their own solutions through our platform. In each workshop we are inspired by the creativity, enthusiasm and broad range of ideas in the local market, ranging from transportation solutions, to medical appointment bookings to micro-savings. We have run such workshops in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe and are always looking for opportunities to hold further workshops in new locations.

Empowering Local Entrepreneurs

From the start nFrnds has recognised the power of its platform for empowering local youth and enabling young entrepreneurs to build their own services, solutions and content on the nFrnds platform. nFrnds has carried out seminars and workshops across Africa empowering youth to develop new solutions on the platform