Farmers Financing


Using a simple mobile phone, a farmer can request a loan to finance his cash flow, enabling him to purchase seeds or fertilizer. Moneylenders then review current information related to the harvest buyer and the farmer and loan accordingly. If approved, the loan is insured and the harvest is mortgaged. Once the harvest buyer receives the harvest, he pays the lender and the insurer first, and then pays the remaining fees to the farmer.

A holistic and accessible financial assessment of the farmer is built, which supports faster decision making by business service providers. This transitions the farmer from being an unknown entity with a financial need to being visible to service providers. This in turn allows the farmer to become a viable customer and more productive business partner.

Remote Ordering System for Pharmacies

nFrnds is working with a large African mobile operator to provide pharmacies with an easy-to-use remote ordering system enabling them to interact with potential customers and confirm the availability of required medication before the patient makes the journey to the store. In addition, the solution enables customers to pay through Mobile Money providing the potential for home deliveries. All data is stored in the cloud with no need for installation or local IT.

Microfinance Institutions (MFIS)

A lack of reliable communication and accounting practices makes monitoring large and disperse groups of borrowers a time consuming, costly and often inefficient process. Through the nFrnds platform:


Funds can be allocated and repaid

Updates can be sent from borrowers to the MFI: to confirm payments, request deferral, notify of challenges (e.g. adverse weather conditions, unexpected personal circumstances) or report progress

Updates or reminder can be sent from MFI to the borrowers: reminders of group meetings, repayment reminders, issuing receipt of repayments, request further information

The MFI also has the opportunity to send surveys, provide financial or business advice and participate in discussion groups via group chat

Branchless Banking

nFrnds is working with a major bank in Indonesia which has rapidly amassed more than 450,000 new customers to its branchless banking services and is planning to have over 3 million branchless banking users by end 2017.The nFrnds platform is enabling the bank to connect its branchless banking with the other divisions of the bank; connect with other services such as mobile money and offer a broad range of interactive banking services to help drive the rapid growth of these users

Merchant Loyality Program

nFrnds loyalty service provides merchants of all sizes with a loyalty plan that they can offer to their own customers with no need for the merchant to install any hardware nor software.

Loyalty for Entire Value Chain

  • Users / Customers

    • Purchase and participate in Loyalty plan from any mobile device
    • Enjoy discounts and Rewards for Loyalty – gain points, prizes and promotions, i.e. buy 9 items get 10th for free, accumulate points, receive coupons / prizes. A virtual loyalty card (physical cards can be supported too)
    • Interact with loyalty plan and with the merchants via messaging (i.e. chat, email, SMS), social network, web

  • MSME /Merchant

    • Accept payments with no need for POS hardware
    • Select loyalty plans for own customers
    • Manage accounting and loyalty
    • All capabilities are available for merchants with smart phones and mobile data as well as for merchants with any mobile device via USSD

  • Mobile Operator/Enterprise Partner

    • Select pre-defined plans for merchants and customers
    • Optional – customize loyalty plan, management and reporting (via web)