Enterprise Services

Through the nFrnds platform businesses of all sizes can gain access to modern business tools previously unavailable without a computer, smartphones and broadband or data connections. Users therefore become part of the digital ecosystem, gain access to valuable business data and can successfully manage their business and cash flow from any mobile device.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Through any mobile device or web interface enterprises can manage and have oversight over the entire value chain.

Virtual Point of Sale (POS)

Enabling merchants to accept, carry out and store transactions in the cloud accounting management solution

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Strong analytics and reporting tools enabling a holistic picture of the entire value chain, allowing for efficient, data-driven markets.

Digital Channel Distribution

Online distribution via multiple channels that requires no data

Knowledge Management

Gather, share, search and analyse information

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Merchants and customers can order via various channels (web, smart phone and simple phones) and plan and manage distribution

Marketing and Advertising

Including both urban and rural areas

Remote Ordering Systems

Through all mobile devices with payment via mobile money

Inventory Management

For a variety of industries of all shapes and sizes

Loyalty Programs

Ensuring customer retention, enabling CRM and improved service through better analytics and communication