Digitizing Healthcare for Accessibility and Efficiency

Our solution enables healthcare providers and their patients in remote areas to access healthcare services through any mobile device. These services range from booking appointments, ordering prescriptions, and communicating with providers. Additionally, our N-Analytics service monitors all digital interactions, giving healthcare providers and governments unique insight as well as control over their entire ecosystem.

Sample SaaS Services that can be incorporated in our Health Sector Solution


Digital Financial Services and products

  • Payment and settlement
  • Health-Insurance
  • Pharmacy POS
  • Remote Ordering


Increase agent and customer engagement

  • Query and interaction - e.g.:
  • remote clinic
  • hospitals
  • management
  • healthcare worker incentivisation programs
  • health forums
  • support networks


Searchable Info
 users can access 
at any time

  • Search relevant health information: e.g.:
  • maternal health
  • tropical diseases
  • patient care advise
  • preventative measure

Supply Chain & Distribution

Value chain process automation

  • Set Doctor appointments
  • Track remote clinic inventory, patient traffic
  • Order inventory
  • Insurance processes, eligibility for service, etc
  • Digital medication collection at pharmacies

Analytics & BI

Value chain process automation

  • Real-time collection
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Business analytics

Push messages

sent to users in real time

  • Health tips - e.g. Its the cold season, make sure to…
  • Prevention Tips - e.g. don’t forget to use a bednet
  • Reminders (e.g. when to pay insurance, take TB/HIV medication)

Partner Services

Easily integrate
 3rd party services

  • Agent and customer loyalty
  • Agent empowerment
  • Gamification strategies
  • Interactive services
  • Digital forums
  • User visibility & incentives
  • Customer support - claim submission
Use case

Innovative Solutions - Health Ministries

The N-Frnds N-health solution is being used by various Health Ministries in emerging markets to better serve their citizens by providing a comprehensive set of digitalized services for patients and healthcare providers. This includes capabilities such as:

  • Appointment booking: saving hours of travel from remote locations
  • Paperless prescriptions: sent directly to recognized pharmacies
  • Remote support: enabling ongoing interactions between patients and healthcare providers such as reminders to take medications and attend check-ups
  • Information collection: from healthcare providers throughout the country, including remote labs, for evaluation and quality assurance purposes

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