Making Government Services Digitally Accessible

N-Frnds provides governments in emerging markets a software solution to equalize services among its citizens. Through our platform, citizens can access their government’s offerings no matter their location, through any mobile device without internet connection. These services can include the acquisition of marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, and much more. Through the platform, governments also have the ability to implement programs such as the distribution of subsidies or the collection of taxes. Additionally, they have access to important data and analytics that can be used for policy planning purposes.

Sample SaaS Services that can be incorporated in our Government Sector Solution


Digital Financial Services and products

  • Registration Payments (e.g. birth certificate, drivers licence)
  • Subsidies
  • Tax Collection
  • Pension


Increase agent and customer engagement

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Report Incidents
  • Local forums
  • Contact your local representative
  • Public Awareness campaigns

Knowledge Management

Searchable Info
 users can access 
at any time

  • Search policy information
  • Know your rights
  • Agent Search
  • Local Rep Search
  • Citizen/small business Information
  • Fee Information

Supply Chain & Distribution

Value chain process automation

  • Distribution of subsidies
  • Land registration
  • Census collection
  • Tax collection

Analytics & BI

Value chain process automation

  • Real-time collection
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Business analytics

Content Management

  • Emergency Notification
  • Availability of new services
  • Information on new policies/regulations

Partner Services

Easily integrate
 3rd party services

  • Agent and customer loyalty
  • Agent empowerment
  • Gamification strategies
  • Interactive services
  • Digital forums
  • User visibility & incentives
  • Customer support - claim submission
Use case

Digitizing Services for Citizens - Rwanda

N-Frnds has a public-private partnership with Rwanda Online, that includes 25-year contracts with the Government of Rwanda. The goal of the partnership is to digitize all of the country’s government services for both citizens and businesses. We are working on digitizing hundreds of services including:

  • Document acquisition: including birth certificates, marriage certificates, permits
  • Services registration: new driver’s are able to register for exams and receive documents
  • Police and government access: citizens are able to file reports and fill out forms

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