Streamlining Operations and Distribution

We offer a mobile solution that streamlines distribution channels with dealers and outlets in emerging markets. This means that even the most remote distributor can access the network through any mobile device without data. Our FMCG platform optimizes logistics and operations by placing orders, interacting with distributors, coordinating deliveries, and sending alerts when supply is low. Our solution also digitizes payments between companies and distributors making monetary transactions seamless.

Sample SaaS Services that can be incorporated in our FMCG Sector Solution


Digital Financial Services and products

  • Loans – capital and productive
  • Saving wallet
  • Payment and settlement


Increase agent and customer engagement

  • Outlet and distributor loyalty, points management
  • Query and interaction - e.g. outlet, distributor, FMCG company

Supply Chain & Distribution

Value chain process automation

  • Digital order process - direct into FMCG ERP process
  • Digital distribution
  • Track outlet estimated inventory
  • Digitize outlet and distributor income/expenses sheet - basic accounting

Analytics & BI

Value chain process automation

  • Real-time collection
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Business analytics

Content Management

  • Financial and business tips
  • Product catalogue
  • Reminders (e.g. when to order, to pay)

Partner Services

Easily integrate 3rd party services

  • Agent and customer loyalty
  • Agent empowerment
  • Gamification strategies
  • Interactive services
  • Digital forums
  • User visibility & incentives
  • Customer support - claim submission
Use case

Digitizing the Distribution Chain - A large beverage company

We have partnered with a Fortune-500 beverage company to digitize their distribution value chain. Our solution enables them to do the following:

  • Outlet order placement: orders go directly into the company’s ERP system which makes planning for manufacturing and delivery easy
  • Payment digitization: monetary transactions between outlets, distributors, and the company are all handled online
  • Bank partnership: value chain participants can receive cash flow loans easily through an N-Frnds banking partner

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