Digitizing and Streamlining the Farming Industry

Our solution combines an array of services that automate supply chains and offer analytics, oversight, and traceability to global farming enterprises and small local cooperatives. Our platform allows for interaction and communication between business owners, suppliers, and farmers without the need for mobile data plans. Through our solution, customers can access searchable knowledge databases, market and price information, and financial records, ensuring a constant flow of information.

Sample SaaS Services that can be incorporated in our Agriculture Sector Solution


Digital Financial Services and products

  • Loans – capital and productive
  • Value Chain Financing
  • Saving wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Crop-Insurance


Increase agent and customer engagement

  • Farmer loyalty, points management
  • Jobs board - shortage during harvest season
  • Query and interaction - e.g. farmers, agronomists, extension workers


Searchable Info
 users can access 
at any time

  • Reminders - e.g. loan installments
  • Push information - e.g. seasonal/crop cycle information
  • Searchable knowledge bases - e.g. pest management, post-harvest information

Supply Chain & Distribution

Value chain process automation

  • Traceability – digitalize process, farmer input info
  • Track seed planting and productivity
  • Visibility of produce on daily basis (e.g. milk,coffee)
  • Digitalize income/expenses sheet - basic accounting
  • Digital ordering and delivery of fertilizer

Analytics & BI

Value chain process automation

  • Real-time collection
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Business analytics

Content Management

  • Agri tips, seasonal tips on timely basis (pruning, weeding, fertilizing, post-harvest techniques))
  • Market prices (comparison between markets)
  • Reminders (e.g. when to irrigate, use fertilizer)
  • Knowledge bases (e.g. pest control, input info)

Partner Services

Easily integrate
 3rd party services

  • Agent and customer loyalty
  • Agent empowerment
  • Gamification strategies
  • Interactive services
  • Digital forums
  • User visibility & incentives
  • Customer support - claim submission
Use case

Digitizing Agriculture - Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)

In partnership with MINAGRI, N-Frnds digitized a broad range of services and processes for over 15,000 farm promoters and their farmers.
We created a customized software solution that enables the dispersion of information to Rwanda’s 9 million smallholder farmers as well as the collection of valuable data for planning and policy purposes. Our SaaS solution provides:

  • Dispersion of information: through both searchable knowledge databases (animal health info, weather, coffee prices, etc.) and push notifications based on location, crop type, weather, and crop cycle
  • Collection of information: through mobile surveys for planning purposes - e.g. digitizing the milk collection process to provide daily updates to MINAGRI of milk collected, quality, and price in each district
  • Verification of farmer and land information: to allow for the development of a comprehensive database to be used for providing subsidies, loans, and insurance
  • Facilitation of instant communication: between the country’s 15,000 farm promoters and their farmers, allowing for the provision of digital extension services and enabling ongoing interaction

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