About N-Frnds

Our mission is to unlock the opportunities of SaaS for Emerging Markets.

What we do

Huge potential value is lost in Emerging Markets due to the inability of enterprises and governments to reach and engage the billions of people and businesses who have no online connectivity.

N-Frnds unlocks these opportunities with a unique and powerful cloud-based SaaS platform that can be reached from any device. Even without mobile data.
Our platform provides a comprehensive range of collaborative SaaS solutions through which organizations can improve engagement with all their stakeholders and streamline processes all the way down their supply chain.
This enables more services, broader collaboration and ultimately more value.

For everyone.

Company overview

Established in 2010, N-Frnds is led by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in emerging markets and proven experience accumulated over more than two decades at leading international technology and SaaS corporations.

The core of its communication technology has taken an aggregate of over 100 human years to develop and is protected by 20 patents. The technology has enabled a range of communication services never before available to the mass emerging markets.

N-Frnds currently has millions of users throughout the Emerging Markets as well as strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft and Mastercard.

Our leadership

Dorron Mottes


A serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in executive level positions, leading telecommunication initiatives from inception to significant sales in the global markets.

Stanley Sacharan


Formerly VP of R&D at SpeechView and ADC Teledata. Stanley has almost two decades of experience in leading technology teams in the communications sector.

Gil Zaidman


Over 30 years of technology experience in the telecom market, leading teams from design to production. Previously was VP R&D and CTO at Tadiran Telecom.

Caylee Talpert


Over a decade experience in developing and promoting Africa focused technology businesses & entrepreneurs. Holds a masters degree from LSE specializing in entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

David Kahn


Vast experience in the financial sector, two decades in banking and investing, founded and managed various banking and financial services businesses. Holds D.Phil. degree from Oxford University.

Yan Kwizera

Country Director

Previous experience at leading companies including Director of business development at Rwanda Online, leading the implementation of digital government services and at Kaymu (Rocket Internet).

Corporate responsibility

We believe that bridging the technological gap in Emerging Markets is through a bottom-up approach that promotes partnership and empowerment.

The N-Frnds Young Entrepreneurs Fellowship is an integral element of our impact model that allows us to develop our local presence and build a dedicated team of local agents while building the capacity of local youth.
Through this unique program N-Frnds empowers graduates with important entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, marketing, sales and business development through practical training and hands-on experience in the field. Through this 3-month fellowship approach N-Frnds aims to develop a new generation of business professionals, confident both in technology and entrepreneurship with expertise and practical experience in doing business in the African context.