Connecting the Unconnected. Today!


nFrnds provides sophisticated managed cloud services enabling businesses of all sizes to connect to the 4 billion people who are currently ‘unconnected’ to the digital world. The nFrnds platform makes cutting edge software solutions accessible, affordable and useful for people who lack the resources (infrastructure, finance and proficiency) to access the digital world, and thereby enables the next 4 billion to leapfrog directly into the cloud and benefit from a wide range of SaaS solutions.

The nFrnds platform provides truly affordable end-to-end solutions to the next 4 billion Internet users at rates as low as $1 per user per month, requiring zero installations, zero data and zero new hardware.

nFrnds offers a full suite of cloud-enabled SaaS solutions that have been specifically designed for or adapted to emerging markets. Our SaaS solutions connect entire value chains across a range of ecosystems such as finance, banking, agriculture and health, by means of business services such as ERP, CRM, loyalty, SCM, vPOS, branchless banking, accounting and financial transactions.


nFrnds prides itself on our partnership model, we work with technology partners, Mobile Network Operators, government entities, enterprise partners, non-profits and local institutions to ensure our solutions both offer the latest in cutting edge technology and are relevant and customized to the local context and the unique needs in each country in which we work.

Partnership is integral to the nFrnds business model – we partner with mobile operators, enterprise partners and enablers. We work to ensure that our partners interests are aligned every step of the way. Examples of our partners include:

Mobile Network Partners

The nFrnds cloud-enabled platform is live with 4 Pan African mobile network operators and with the largest operator in Indonesia. In the last 6 months, pre-launch, hundreds of thousands of users subscribed to the service, and we are expanding to reach our current mobile operator partners’ 470 million customers and the roughly 100 million informal Micro and SMEs in our current target markets.

Enterprise, Government, Institutional and Content Partners

Technology solutions which we adapt and add as a service on the nFrnds cloud, sample enabler partners:

MasterCard Global:  The MasterCard-nFrnds partnership enables the mass market in emerging markets to participate in the commerce ecosystem by streamlining complex financial transaction services and enabling financial inclusion.

Microsoft:  The Microsoft-nFrnds partnership enables large enterprises and micro and small enterprises to communicate digitally and to benefit from business enterprise software streamlined for their interaction.  Microsoft has strategically selected the nFrnds platform as the solution to connect and expand Microsoft software and Microsoft partners’ solutions in Africa to the next 4 billion.

Enterprise Partners: nFrnds partners with large enterprises in emerging markets, streamline their business processes across their ecosystem, connecting them to their value chains, suppliers and customers  Examples include banks large  agricultural companies, FMCG providers, health providers, governments, etc.


The nFrnds platform enables diverse users to access information and services with the device and budget they can afford, thus making cutting edge software solutions accessible, affordable and useful for people who would otherwise lack the resources to access the digital world.

Cloud Technology 

Any enterprise or customer can access the nFrnds platform’s services and information through any mobile device with no need for mobile data allowing for seamless migration regardless of the channel (e.g Smartphone, feature phone, tablet, PC)

Integrated End-to-End

Enabling end-users in underserved and unconnected communities with essential communication and SaaS tools that furthers their social, financial and business opportunities.

USSD 3.0

nFrnds takes USSD, a familiar interface to emerging market users, to the next level with 12 issued patents & 5 pending and over 60 human years of development nFrnds offers a wide range of services never before available on USSD, including:

Multi-application, multi-tasking, multi-language, dynamic groups, personal menus, search, analytics, and much more