Inherently Social

At the core of the nFrnds mobile platform is a robust social network, upon which our customers can offer any of our agriculture, medical, or financial products to end users. To see nFrnds in action, check out the video below.


The world at their fingertips, for as little as $1 a month

For those who have never been connected before, access to things like chat, medical services, and trade in the palm of their hands is life changing. And at a cost they can afford? Unprecedented.

Connectivity for the Masses

No data plan. Any phone. No installation.


Chat, Email, and Friends

At it’s core, nFrnds is an affordable messaging, email, and connectivity platform. It runs on even the simplest $10 device, requiring no data or SMS subscription.


Tools for Empowerment

Built atop the nFrnds social connectivity platform are a series of optional plugins for agriculture, healthcare, customer loyalty, and finance.


A World of Potential

The nFrnds platform can be expanded in any number of ways to cater to local markets. We work with local partners to develop tailored solutions to each market.


Spotlight: The nFrnds Network

At the core of every nFrnds product is the world’s first social network for the Base of the Pyramid.

Whether it is an job board, a micro-lending suite, or any of the verticals we operate in, the entirety of nFrnds’ offerings are build on the understanding that that our users demand robust, reliable, and affordable access to frictionless communication. nFrnds creates open and free communication between people by bringing sophisticated chat and email to even the simplest, $10 mobile phones. In doing so, nFrnds opens up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities for our users.

Spotlight: mAgri

A network that connects farmers and their customers, ushering in a new era of frictionless trade and reducing waste.

In many of the countries we operate in, simple agricultural transactions such as purchasing seed, coordinating veterinary visits, or selling produce can be a tremendous hassle. mAgri builds upon the successful nFrnds network to create a frictionless environment for all of these transactions and more. This powerful tool allows both service providers and merchants to create their own mobile stores, and allows farmers to search for and compare prices on hundreds of products and services. Furthermore, the mAgri platform enables real-time micro-lending, which is fully operational in Kenya and coming very soon to additional countries.

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By the Numbers


nFrnds is already making an impact for hundreds of thousands of people.

14 Countries

9 Languages

55% Female

75% Under 25